anodised aluminium colours

ALUTECTA presents GRANODAL® - Grey anodised Aluminium The translucent anodised layer produced by anodic oxidation corresponds to the natural colour of aluminium (EV 1). A specific repeated grinding in combination with a particular colouring result in this stainless steel effect which is much demanded especially for architectural applications. Amongst others, our aluminium plates can be used for laser engraving, screen printing and anodised … Even, glossy surface: die or chafe marks and other surface defects – especially hidden corrosion phenomena – that may show for E0 or E6 are removed, (no surface grinding). Moreover, you can choose between 9 colours with a matt or glossy surface, and the aluminium plates can be delivered sealed or unsealed. The colours blue, red, gold or bronze are possible thanks to a finish on our aluminium hinges with a coloured anodizing. ... Loveluxe Aluminium chic. Components showing important processing defects or large-scale damages will have to be de-anodised and reprocessed where required. B. What is the … Once this level is reached, and if no color is needed, the process is stopped and the surface can be sealed simply by rinsing in water. Both provide a depth of colour that far surpasses paint and will transform your structure. The natural oxide film of an aluminium component is merely 0.1 – 0.5 µm thick, unaesthetic and has a low hardness. No pretreatment, anodised and sealed. We understand that many of our customers are considered “Essential” or “Critical”. Depending on the size of the abrasive grain, coarser or finer chatter marks remain visible. NB. By combination with the Colour-two-stage process, SANDALOR® colours can be obtained in various brightness levels. Anodizing can produce yellowish integral colours without dyes if it is carried out in weak acids with high voltages, high current densities, and strong refrigeration. Colour Selection. The anodised surface stands for high protection and low maintenance. Stainless steel effect (ALANOX-G1, only matt, only one sided), Colours - Anodised colours. Relatively uniform surface with duller appearance: small die marks or scratches are removed (no surface grinding). Type 2 Anodized Aluminum Color Options. The most popular colour? This medal is ideal for medals where no colour finish is required. That will leave you with a hard, natural aluminum oxide coating, able to withstand chemical attack and very scratch resistant. A great variety of colours and sheet thicknesses are available from stock. Anodised Colours. Alumet anodises aluminium in colour and gloss. The process of anodizing also changes the crystal structure near the surface of substances, like aluminum alloy, which allows you to dye the metal a bright color. Sapphire has developed a new way to colour anodised aluminium that delivers grey shades for external applications that has excellent resistant to UV fading whilst maintaining the unique metallic lustre that you can only achieve with anodising. Sheets: length 7000 mm x width 400 mm x height 2000 mm. The chemical pretreatment produces a matt, rough surface. Please note colours shown on this website are representations only. Chemical brightening & colour anodising Our aluminium features a matt silver finish, however the L.A. Metals team can chemically brighten it to obtain a colour that suits your project. It keeps the natural aluminium colour. The resulting surface provides an unmatched look and feel. This is how various surface effects can be achieved (gloss, grind or matting). Back to the top. Chemical pretreatment, anodised and sealed. This new anodised layer is non-conductive, very hard and takes dyes (see colour anodising). The anodised layer can be died to offer a wide range of colours and finishes.

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